Saturday, October 9, 2010

My guy is five!

Okay, so it's been over a month since his birthday and I haven't gotten around to doing his pictures just yet.  Knowing I have three shoots this coming week, AND my daughters birthday, I thought I'd try and squeeze it in today.  With the weather overcast, I thought I had my chance.  It would allow me to get them done earlier in the day.  So, after a great work out at the gym I came home with great ideas and ready to go.  I got him dressed and headed out.  I found myself bribing him all the way there!  

UGGGgghhhhh... moments before pulling in, BAM I got hit with a migraine and the lights began to flash and I couldn't see out of one eye.  NOOOOooooo... I wanted to cry.  The longer I waited the worse my sight would get until the symptoms passed completely and who knows how long that would be.  So, I told him "Mommy's getting a migraine and can't see very well so we have to take a couple REALLY fast, okay?"  He began to cry.  He said, "look at me Mommy, can you see me?"  I did my best to hurry the concern away and let him know I'd be fine.  I'm sure my anxiousness was obvious, and all that bribery went out the window.  He was upset and I didn't have the time to waste.  SERIOUSLY?  WHY?  So, here's one of about ten clicks.  I had to post one!  He's my sweet little buddy and I can hardly believe he's FIVE!!!!  So stay tuned for more to come of my guy.  Could he be any cuter???  I LOVE HIM!

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