Monday, March 28, 2011

They got engaged while we were there...

While on our trip to Hawaii, friends of ours got engaged.  They were giddy with excitement and asked if I'd go take pictures of them where it happened.  Having been disappointed with what Waikiki Beach was like (I won't go into it, but Oahu, is not my favorite island and NOT worth a 7.5 hour plane ride, especially when you're pregnant), I was definitely up for a photo shoot.  They had rented a car and said we could just drive 5 minutes up the road to get to the spot.  I was under the impression that it was on the beach.  That being said, I wanted to do some romantic shots of their location, just before and at sunset.  Well, our drive was more like 15 minutes and it was not on the beach.  It was a cliff we would have had to jump off of to get down there, but there was a cute lighthouse nearby.  I was running out of time, it was getting dark and the fact that we were up away from the sunset on the water, made it even darker.  Luckily my ever so hilarious husband was there to get them to smile bigger and ease my stress of the situation.  It turned out great and they're adorable!  (And don't judge me for the lack of sunset, we really were in Hawaii.  Aren't they known for their amazing sunsets?  Not while I was there.  I do remember sunsets and rainbows on Maui so I was completely disappointed)

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