Saturday, February 26, 2011

Going back...

In need of cleaning out my Lightroom to make room for more pictures, I have gone back to some old shoots.  This one is of my brother and sister in laws family.  I think after these TWO attempts, my sister in law may never want to do this again.  She spent the first day straightening her hair only to have her youngest not take a nap that day and be incredibly grumpy.  The second attempt was when I had to run over during the hours my two kids were at a birthday party, so I had one with me.  The oldest this time had fallen asleep in the car and was mad to have been woken up.  I have learned over the years, to let perfection go out the window when it comes to family pictures.  There's always going to be SOMETHING (someone didn't get a long enough nap, someone is grumpy, someone is silly, someone is... ).  In fact, I live for these now.  I like seeing the REAL side of my kids in the pictures.  We've all heard the sayings, "It is what it is" or "roll with the punches".  Sometimes it feels like we've gotten punched, but we just have to go with it and even smile at the end of it all.  In 30 years it will be a funny story that you'll tell time and time again!

After it was all said and done, my little Brooke and Sterling began to play.  Finally when the pressure was off, right?  But I love this expression of my little Brooke "he's going to do what, kiss me?"

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